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    Afghan Innovative Consulting Bureau's mission is to assist by enhancing the capacities of organizations, investors, businesses, and Government bodies to achieve their set targets and desired outcomes through the provision of high quality technical, innovative, and professional consulting services and solutions by expert consultants of Afghanistan.

    Afghan Innovative Consulting Bureau (AICB) a professional development consulting firm providing professional development solutions since 2006 in Afghanistan. We have expertise in providing innovative solutions in Research and Studies, Project Management, Business Development, Capacity Building (personal development training, coaching, and mentorships) and Socio-economic Development areas. Our team of expert consultants, local and international possesses extensive experience (15+ years) and highest qualifications (Masters and Ph.D. level) with international certifications (PMP, ACCA, etc). The professional consultants are committed and dedicated to providing highest quality professional services with guaranteed results.

    AICB has been working with Donors, International Organizations, Afghan Gov’t Ministries and many civil society organizations, NGOs and private sector entities. AICB has already successfully completed 100+ projects throughout Afghanistan with higher clients’ satisfaction rate.

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    AICB Head office is located in Kabul Afghanistan and has sub-offices in southern (Kandahar), eastern (Jalalabad) and western (Herat), northern (Mazar-e-sharif) regions of Afghanistan. We have outreach to almost all areas of Afghanistan. AICB is a trustable consultancy in Afghanistan.

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    Our Mission and Vision

    To be the leading innovative solution provider to the most pressing social and economic development challenges.
    AICB mission is to assist individuals, organizations, investors, businesses, and government bodies to achieve their set targets through provision of high quality technical, innovative, and professional consulting services and solutions.

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