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Massage of Chief Executive Officer Mr. Naseer Ahmed 

Welcome to the website of Afghan Innovative Consulting Bureau AICB. Thank you for taking time and interest of visiting our website. I believe that information provided in this website will attract your interest towards exploring business and working opportunities of mutual interest.

AICB is a well-organized and developing consulting firm based in capital, Kabul, of Afghanistan. We have regional offices in Kandahar, Jalalabad, Kunur and Herat provinces covering 90% of the country’s territory.

We are working with various domestic and international investors, Afghan Government, Donors, Provincial reconstruction Teams (PRTs), and other International, National organizations.

We are committed to improve the economy and livelihood of our communities by taking part in reconstruction and socio-economic development efforts. We are keen to serve our people by implementing any project to benefit and develop the socio-economic status of local communities. We have implemented and successfully accomplished the goals of the projects in highly unstable conditions and insecure regions of Afghanistan.

AICB is a learning organization with continuous growth and expansion plans. AICB is continuously advancing its financial, managerial and professional structures in order to deliver outstanding services with greater transparency and accountability. We are proud to take any opportunity to assure quality of our services.

AICB encourages various investors willing to do business in Afghanistan. AICB is able to provide all in one services to the potential investors and traders in various fields including joint ventures, facilitating licensing, marketing research, establishments, staffing and logistics etc. 

Please consider AICB as you own office in Afghanistan. We will be proud to provide you all in one services for your business and project needs in Afghanistan. I hope that you will find the website useful.

Consider AICB as your own office in Afghanistan and please do not hesitate contact us for any information or guidance you may require.
Best Regards,

Naseer Ahmad
Chief Executive Officer/President
Afghan Innovative Consulting Bureau (AICB)
Office#: +93 (0) 202560243 +93 (0) 202560243
Cell#: +93 (0) 700302021 +93 (0) 700302021
Email: info@aicb.org.af / naseer@aicb.org.af
Skype: naseer.aicb

About CEO
  • Mr. Naseer Ahmad is the president and CEO of the AICB in Kabul main office. He has got Bachelors in Social development and has got his Master of Business Administration from Preston University, USA. Mr. Naseer is currently pursuing PHD in Management.

    Mr. Naseer Ahmad has got intensive experience in Management, Program Development and Management throughout Afghanistan by working with various international organizations including United Nations. Mr. Naseer Ahmad is an encouraging entrepreneur and has established various private businesses. Mr. Ahmad also has intensive experience in training development and research and development. Mr. Naseer Ahmad is one of the founders of AICB and is leading this firm, which rapidly developing in Afghanistan.  



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