Core Objectives

AICB is dedicated towards delivery of high quality innovative consulting services in order to realize the following objectives:

Socio-Economic Development: 
Afghanistan is a rapidly developing country through the help of international community. The government policies toward socio-economic developing by supporting private sector, strengthening civil societies and building the institutional capacity in the country are the main catalysts towards sustainable development. The social and economic development is considered as backbone of the country’s long-term stability and security. There are many challenges ahead for the Government to achieve its goals among them are its limited capacity and insecurity.

Afghan Innovative Consulting Bureau is working towards building the institutional and human capacity of government, civil society and private sector in order to develop better policies and programs to achieve the goal of an economic developed nation. AICB is also working on targeting the security problems through job creation and supporting socio-economic development activities. The objective is to involve inhabitants in different income generating activities to stop them from going towards criminality and or illicit agriculture.

Human Resource Development:
Afghanistan is in post-conflict situation, where tremendous efforts are required towards restoring the knowledge and skilled human capital, which will enable the country to develop. The longer term development and stability cannot be realized without proper human capacity. Since the country is moving toward social and economic development through assistance from various international community. It is vital to build the institutional and human capacity to ensure sustainable peace and development. In this regards AICB is focusing on providing different trainings and capacity building initiatives, not limited to the followings.

- Capacity Need Assessment and Developing proper Human Resource Development (HRD) plans
- Developing and delivery of Management/Leadership related trainings
- Project Cycle Management
- Marketing Training
- Accounting and Financial planning Trainings
- IT related trainings
- Community Development and empowerment

Provision of both Theoretical and Practical in-demand Vocational trainings in the different areas to enhance job opportunities for unskilled and daily wages labors. The firm is trying to establish educational and cultural centers for youth and entrepreneurs aiming to enhance their ability to actively participate in development, peace and income generation activities.

Poverty Reduction and Job Creation:
Since poverty is wide-spread among the Afghan communities, the first strategic priority of AICB is to alleviate poverty through creation of job opportunities and developing human resource capital. Afghan Innovative Consulting Bureau is helping young educated and skilled individuals to get better earning opportunities. AICB is working on the capacity building of the uneducated and unskilled people to build their skills and create job opportunities including SMEs.

Reducing poverty will also help in building a secure and stable society. The people will participate in the reconstruction and rebuilding activities as well support government programs. 

The initiative includes:
Strengthen Socio-Economic status of the society through developing (small and medium enterprises) SMEs and building entrepreneurship skills which will endeavor creating job opportunities to eliminate unemployment. Creating community based work-places both for male and female professional according to their profession / skills, and exploring marketing possibilities for the expected products. 

AICB will register professionals, fresh graduates, returnees and non-professional and will set up a system to explore job opportunities for them in government and private sector, through establishment of job centers. Proposing and implementing community based socio-economic and ethical development projects/proposals towards a prosperous Society with close coordination of local authorities, international donors and UN agencies, moreover assembling vigorous efforts to achieve the goals.

We will need greater support to reach our objectives. Please do share your thoughts, recommendations and extend your support to serve our causes.  

  • The goal of the AICB is to develop and professionally expand in order to keep delivering high quality consulting services for socio-economic development of Afghanistan.

    Core Objectives
    AICB is dedicated towards delivery of high quality innovative consulting services in order to realize the following objectives:

    - Socio-Economic Development...
    - Human Resource Development...
    - Private Sector Development...
    - Poverty Reduction and Job Creation..

    Private Sector Development
    The business sector of the country is rapidly developing and private sector is considered the most important element in the development of the country, therefore the need for building professional business development services and institutional developments are crucial. Afghan traders and investors are currently moving towards greater marketing opportunities even outside the country. They are facing greater challenges of dealing with international markets and entrepreneurs therefore they require trainings and preparation in order to meet the demands and international standards. 

    Besides the local business development other multinational companies and investors are also exploring different opportunities for investment in Afghanistan. They will require professional business associations and consultants to enable them explore the proper investment opportunities according to Afghan cultural and demographic realities. AICB is strengthened by the local trained professionals and providing professional consultancy services for these investors in Afghanistan.

    The Government is also moving towards greater development of country’s infrastructure and socio-economic development. The government ministries require tremendous capacity building in order to achieve its ultimate objectives. 
    AICB is able to provide support in different sectors of research and development, business development,

    Financial / accounting management and audit, marketing, information technology and capacity buildings and trainings. This also includes provision of Business development services towards the Private Sector growth.  


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