International Firms and Organizations:

AICB is always willing to assist international companies, investors and organizations willing to work with Afghans for development and businesses purposes in Afghanistan. AICB is able provide highly professional services to meet the needs of all international organizations and companies. We would like to assure our international partners to consider AICB as their own office in Afghanistan. Below are some of the important international firms with whom AICB has worked:

- Chemonics International Inc.
- Development Alternatives Inc. DAI (ASMED, LGCD, ASI)
- Sundeep Khosla Association/Canada
- Development Solutions/Europe,
- Price WaterhouseCoopers Services/UK
- IBF International Consulting/England
- Peace Dividend Trust

AICB is open for business and provision of professional services to interested intentional companies, investors and organizations willing to in Afghanistan. The services of AICB can be on contractual, sub-contract, grants or joint venture basis. Please contact us for further information and exploring business opportunities with AICB. 

Government Bodies:

AICB has been working in line with the key ministries and have worked jointly with several Afghan Government Ministries in various parts of the country. Below are the key Afghan Government Ministries and departments with whom AICB has worked:

- Ministry of Commerce
- Ministry of Trade and Industry
- Ministry of Social and Labor Affairs
- Municipalities
- Ministries of Woman Affairs
- Ministry of Agriculture
- Ministry of youth and culture affairs
- Ministry Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD)
- Afghan Investment Support Agency (AISA)
- Export Promotion Agency of Afghanistan (EPPA)
- Counter Narcotics advisory Committee (CNAT)

AICB is continuously exploring opportunities of expanding its working relations with various international firms both in order to build its capacity as well as explore opportunities of further business development.
Donors and United Nations:

AICB has worked with various donors in Afghanistan and have provided professional services in various parts of the country. AICB is still open to provide all in one professional services to any donor willing to work in any part of the country. Below are the important donors with whom AICB has worked.

- Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
- United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
- United Nations Office for Drug Control (UNODC)
-Commander Emergency Response Program) (CERP) and Provincial reconstruction teams (PRTs) 

Private Sector Entities:

AICB has worked with many private sector entities and continues to create better professional working relations with the private sector. The professional consulting services are considered key towards business growth for private sector. The private sector entities, AICB has worked with are as followings:

- Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI)
- Afghan Consulting Companies Associations (ACCA)
- Afghan Women Business Federation (AWBF)
- Many small and large scale Afghan Businesses and Associations
- Many local media sources
- Civil society Organizations
- Community based organizations (CDCs, DDAs, Shuras etc)


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