Work With AICB

AICB is open for business and therefore provides investments, partnerships and job opportunities. Working with AICB is on will very easy and professional.

Doing Business with AICB:

AICB is open to partnerships and investment opportunities in various fields. For showing interest and getting more on partnerships, ventures and investments please contact our CEO.

Mr. Naseer Ahmad
Afghan Innovative Consulting Bureau



  • AICB is always seeking professionals of various sectors willing in provision of dedicated services. AICB always seeks professionals both for full time and part time assignments. The interested professionals can be Afghan or international and can send their interest. AICB provides job opportunities through its newly associated sister company IHRS.

    The professionals can send their CVs to the following email for expression interest for working with AICB: Human Resource Department Please mentioned your field of expertise and availability in the cover letter.

Add: Kart-e-Parwan Near Finest Super Store Kabul, Afghanistan Phone: +93 700 30 20 21 Email: