Completed Projects


Funding source


Advance Proposal Writing Training

War Child


AICB conducted an Advance Proposal Writing Training in Kabul, The training covered various factors and parts of proposal writing. AICB developed Standard Curriculums for the mentioned trainings

Marketing & Salesmen Skill Development Training

Zardozi, Market for Afghan Artisans

AICB conducted the Marketing & Salesmen Skills Development training workshop in Kabul, in which the salesman’s from Zardozai participated and AICB also developed Standard Curriculums.

Career Counseling Training & Job Fair event for ATVI Kabul, ATVI Laghman and KVO Kunar


Conducting and developing curriculum for the lectures of Afghanistan Technical and Vocational Institute Kabul, Laghman and Kunar Vocational Organization. And Conducting Job fair events for the graduates of targeted institutes.

Gathering Information on Economic Opportunities in Dand District


Provide a better understanding of the agriculture value chains in Dand district, Identify appropriate long-term productive sector opportunities for Dand district, Identify key economic, political and ethnic/tribal grievances causing instability in this district

BDS Sector Survey Southern Region



BDS survey conducted in 6 provinces of southern regions: Kandahar, Helmand, Zabul, Uruzgan, Dai Khandi and Nimruoz

Need Assessment of Zari District Shura

AICB core funding for CIMIC PRT Kandahar

The assessment of DDA is carried based on which strategy of their Capacity Building are established

TCAF Survey in Sayedabad district of Wardak Province 2009


More than 500respondents were interviewed from the target areas of the district, which were computerized an analyzed

TCAF Survey in Sayedabad district of Wardak Province 2010


More than 600 respondents were interviewed from the target areas of the district, which were computerized an analyzed

TCAF Survey in Sarobi district of Paktika province


More than 600 respondents were interviewed from the target areas of the district, which were computerized an analyzed

TCAF Survey in Marawara district of Kunar province


More than 600 respondents were interviewed from the target areas of the district, which were computerized an analyzed

TCAF Sarkani district of Kunar province


More than 600 respondents were interviewed from the target areas of the district, which were computerized an analyzed

TCAF Khogyani, PachirWaAgam and Sherzad district of Nangarhar province 



More than 500 respondents were interviewed in each district separately (total respondents 1500) from the target areas of the districts, which were computerized an analyzed

Vocational Training for youths in Zhari District of Kandahar

PASAB base

US military



75 youths trained in various skills

Basic Management trainings

AICB clients



40 individuals trained

Internet Orientation Trainings:

AICB core


200 individuals were trained

Capacity Building  of KandaharMunicipality Engineers


Kandahar PRT

The capacity need assessment of municipality engineering Department was carried out and based on findings intensive trainings were provided in conducting technical surveys, Project development, proposal writing, report writing, AUTOCAD, SAP and SAPE. The municipality engineering department was provided required equipments and tools.

Promoting Private Sector through Capacity building


A comprehensive survey of Kandahar business environment was carried out. Trained 169 male and around 141 female in SMEs development related trainings. The first economic/business magazine is published monthly in local languages.  Number of seminars conducting with 500 participants aimed towards raising awareness on local economic development opportunities

Kandahar Photo project



Public affairs


17 youths (male and female) from different schools of Kandahar in photojournalist and Pashto/Dari literature were trained in close coordination with Kandahar education department and youth’s affairs of Department of Culture, Hundreds of pictures were taken for final selection of 30 best pictures and were displayed in an exhibition in Kandahar Governors Palace, 15 cameras were distributed for the successful students

3 Days training on Preparing financial documents


26 individuals from different firms of Kandahar trained on how to prepare financial documents for taxation paper work of Government

Women SME development Training


Three SMEs development training for 40 women in Loya Walla of Kandahar was conducted for 27 days containing the following topics: SME Business Basic Accounting, SME Business Management , SME Marketing

Kandahar Business Support Project


Three trade fairs were conducted: 4 Major seminars on various business sector be conducted, A comprehensive business directory established containing more than 3000 local businesses, 400 businesses were provided SME management related trainings and Internet orientation training through establishment of Management and IT institute in Kandahar, The monthly economic and business focused magazine is also included

Pioneer Exhibition of handmade products

CIMIC PRT Kandahar

More than 3000 individual including women visited the fair and more than 500,000.00 worth AFN business was recorded

Books and arts exhibition in Kandahar

CIMIC Kandahar PRT

More than 3000 including (300) women visitors were recorded and more than 20000 books were showcased

Spring Gift Exhibition 2010 Kabul
Women Handicrafts exhibition

AICB core funding

A two days handicraft exhibition was conducted in Kabul Serina for supporting women handicraft and enhancing handicraft marketing

First Spring Festival of flowers agriculture products in Kandahar


The event proved to be a very good local gathering25 stalls of nursery/farm products, flowers and agro-technology were presented in the exhibition, More than 3200 individual paid visit to the festival, More than 150000 worth Afghani sale was recorded, Professional-business linkages were created, Messages regarding promoting environment protection, increasing greenery, increasing local awareness of local products and anti-narcotics were delivered during the event

Kandahar Trade Fair


30 Potential business from Kandahar, Helmand, Kabul, Herate and Jalalabad showcased various agricultural, industrial, handicrafts related products and services , 3000 visitors attended the trade fair during three days event , Approximately 100000 Afghanis worth sale were recorded
50000 USD worth business deals were initiated , Potential business linkages were created
The event proved to be a very positive social gathering for visiting Kandahar

Consultancy Works in Support of Business Participation in the Helmand Ag Fair 2007  


/CHEMONICS International

More than 1000 individuals participated in the fair around 40 businesses visit was facilitated from Kandahar and Herat provinces  and 75,000.00$ business was tracked and post event survey was conducted

Consultancy Works in Support of Business Participation in the Helmand Ag Fair 2008



CHEMONICS International

735521.00$ worth sale was recorded in three months as a result of the Agfair business facilitation  identified by the post event business survey  conducted. 599 contacts with various potential buyers were made both in Afghanistan and neighboring countries. Visit of 30 businesses around Afghanistan was facilitated to the event.

Developing Business Plan for ASMED Grants (GDA)



10 Business plans were developed for local enterprises in Kandarahar for ASMED grants

Kunar Marketing and Business Development Program

CERF Funding

/PRT Kunar

A business development center was established which provided internet access to local businesses for the first time and assisted more than 500 businesses in various issues, A comprehensive Business Development Center is established having internet club and library
17 businesses are identified for exploring financial sources for their growt,  488individuals from gov’t, private sector and youths were trained, Four major seminars will be conducted, A comprehensive Local Business Directory was developed and printed

Developing Kandahar Local Business Directory


1000 volumes of Kandahar Business Directory was published and distributed which containing more than 3000 business contacts throughout Kandahar

Private Sector Development Coordination Conference


Different focused issues was discussed and recommendations were made for the better coordination of private business to donors and gov’t Conference on private sector development was conducted for Afghan private enterprises

Handicrafts focused seminar


Different handicrafts related topics were discussed in the conference in order to  raised the challenges and solutions were explored for the better development of handicrafts to donors and gov’t

Agribusiness focused Seminar


Potential agribusiness potentials explored, key challenges hindering development of the sector explored, gapes in the policy environment identified

GhazniAgfair Facilitation



More than 60 local businesses were registered and invited to the Agfair in order to provided them with 60 booths in the Agfair events and provided them with the facilitations

Conference on Establishment of Private Sector Development Forum


Need on better coordination among donors, gov’t and private sector was discussed and recommendations provided to donors and gov’t

Crowded House Project

Creative Associates/DoD

Road Improvement CFW project Monitoring and Evaluation of Crowded House projects and TCAPF surveys in these clusters: Cluster -1     Hotel,Chenar,Darvishan Road Improvement CFW project, Construction of retaining wall project, Construction of Canal lining project, Construction road crossing Cluster -2   Shukhan, Layti , Mirabad


Third Party Investigation

Peace DividendTrust PDT

Third Party investigation of PDT operations in Helmand Province

Ongoing Project
  • Project:
    Rural Enterprise Development Program Kandahar

    MRRD/World Bank and UNDP funded

    AREDP is one of the major national programs developed by MRRD. Rural economic development project aims to develop 2000 community saving groups, 400 small businesses by working with 200 communities in 4 districts of Kandahar province.

  • Project:
    Business Development Services (BDS) Business plan, marketing, linkages and advisory services to the local private sector investors and entrepreneurs

    AICB Clients

    Ongoing Business Development Services including developing business plans, marketing services and trainings  

  • Project:
    Providing Alternatives for Youth through Civil Society Development

    Community Cohesion Initiative (CCI)

    Training of Youth Association Members of Nahri Saraj District in Advocacy and Communication, which also includes establishment of Youth Association in the district

  • Project:
    Enhancing Panjwayi District Government Staff Capacity through Admin Training

    Community Cohesion Initiative (CCI)

    Training of the Panjwayee district staff in Administrative Management, Stability and Public Services



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